Becoming the world youth champion at 12 and chess Grand Master at 20, would have never been possible without receiving the best chess lessons from my trainers and coaches. And I believe everyone needs guidance in chess. So I’m here to share my knowledge with you.

Despite being a professional chess player since I was 9, I’ve been teaching chess since 2008 and started my own chess school (Atousa chess school) in Iran.

Private Lesson is an excellent way to learn, implement and achieve desired results for ambitious players or children who want to start chess methodically. Also it helps any chess player to improve his or her chess. My students range are from beginner to master lever.

Rates for face to face individual lessons:

10-hour package: $ 1500

5-hour package:  $ 800

Hourly rate: $ 170

Online lessons

10-hour package: $ 1050

5-hour package:  $ 560

Hourly rate: $ 120

Special offer for new students :

Assessment and One 60-Minute Chess Tutoring Session  $129

Assessment and Four 60-Minute Chess Tutoring Session  $480

Please Call us for Special Master Rate.

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